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Playlist Sept 5th

The lame Lia-less special!!!

Beakman's Diner Psycho/Rocka/Surfabilly radio with your hosts Sick~Lee and Lia on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa or broadcast live all around this sonofabitchin' world in Real Audio at
Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time)

Nekromantix : Way Down To Hell
Hangmen : Zombi Boy

Ghoultown : Fistfull of Demons
Deadbolt : It Was You
Huevos Rancheros : Rockin' In The Henhouse
Big John Bates : Super Chrome Deluxe

Krewmen : Anymore
The Meteors : Zombie Noise
Batmobile : 100 LBS of Trouble
Mad Sin : Scarred Ol Heart
Tiger Army : True Romance

Speed Crazy : 100 Times
Speed Crazy : House Of Cards
Switchblade Hearts : Dead Man's Hand
Frantic Flinstones : Alley Cat King
Slick Pelt : Hell From The Hills

Speed Crazy : Damaged Goods

I like Speed Crazy.........
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