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Beakman's Playlist Oct liver destroying time

Over an hour and a beer ago we played these with such vigor and energy.....especially Lia.....she was the Rainbow Bright to my half eaten tin of imported salmon.....or something like that.....

Beakman's Diner Psycho/Rocka/Surfabilly radio with your hosts Sick~Lee (AKA: Get off my lawn!) and Lia (AKA: Mistress Morose) on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa or broadcast live all around this sonofabitchin' world in Real Audio at
Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time)

Mr Badwrench : Gasoline
Dragstrip Demons : Psychobilly Cadillac

Godless Wicked Creeps : Coward With A Gun
Mad Sin : Mad Filthy Undead
Hellbillys : Evil
Photon Torpedoes : Zombie Riot
Hayride To Hell : Mad Scientist

Klingonz : Oompa Loompa
Krewmen : Cyborg
Cramps : Garbageman
Batmobile : Bambooland

Lazyboys : I Must Kill You Now
Bottletones : Too much Get Up And Go!
Speed Crazy : Chicken Running Backwards
Amazing Royal Crowns : Harem Caravan
Stateline 55 : American Dream

Living End : Second Solution
Barnyard Ballers : God Boy
Peacocks : Don't Ask The Kids


I smell cat pee......
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