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Sooooo GOOOOOOD...New Levellers

"The new single "Come On" will be released on 9th September 2002

Followed by the album "Green Blade Rising" which will be released on 23rd September 2002

on HAG Records through Eagle Rock

The Levellers are back with Come On, the first single taken from their forthcoming album Green Blade Rising. This is the first release on their own refounded Hag label, through Eagle Records.

It's a short punchy track with a rousing chorus that shows the band returning to what they've always done best and is typical of the new album.

The single is being released on three formats. All three versions will contain the lead track Come On. The other four songs are all brand new studio tracks exclusive to this single.

The 7" format will be limited to 2000 in the UK and will be produced on translucent green vinyl.

Green Blade Rising is the first album release on the Levellers own Hag label, through Eagle Records. Green Blade Rising is available as a standard CD (EHAGCD002) and as a numbered limited edition digipack (EHAGLT002). In addition the limited edition digipack contains a CD-ROM track of the video for the single "Come On".

The album is a stunning return to form with eleven tuneful, punchy tracks that are exactly what their fanbase has been waiting for.

There will be a Q-Talk running on Q-TV for two weeks from Sunday August 25th. This 3 minute piece contains footage of the band, interviews and clips from the video for the single, and will run three times a day. Q-TV will also be playlisting the video.

The Levellers will be touring the UK in November and December. Full details from the Levellers website

Levellers Biography 2002

Mark Chadwick - lead vocals, guitar

Simon Friend - vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica

Jon Sevink - violin

Jeremy Cunningham - bass, artwork

Charlie Heather - drums

Way back in 1988, the first ever Levellers press release stated: "The Levellers were formed in.....oh just listen to the tape." Such a no-nonsense approach to the music industry has served them well. Seen at the time as the missing link between the Clash and the Pogues and becoming champions of the alternative festival circuit en route, the band have lost none of their relevance - or fanbase - 15 years on. The Levellers have always been a voracious touring band, often notching up over 200 shows per year throughout the world. Highlights have been the headline appearances at Glastonbury Festival in 1992 and 1994, some rousing appearances at Brixton Academy, as well as dates from Estonia to Japan.

The band have tackled issues such as the Criminal Justice Act and played Benefits for groups such as Miscarriages of Justice Organization and Liberty, and give free office space to Justice?, an organization that produces the Schnews letter, to help them do their valuable work.

The Levellers' versatility is underlined by the fact that they also have an "alter-ego" band, Drunk in Public. Essentially an acoustic Levellers, this line-up allows them to reach the parts of the country (and the world) other bands cannot reach, and reach them they do - this year for example, playing the Shetland, Orkney and Scilly Isles!

On record the band have released six studio albums, including the platinum-selling "Levelling the Land" and number one album "Zeitgeist", one Live Album and a "Best Of." The band's consistency is underlined by the fact that they had more platinum, gold and silver albums in the 90s than any other act in the UK.

With songs like "One Way of Life", "Just the One", "Hope Street" and "What a Beautiful Day", the Levellers have had more hits than many people realise.

And the Levellers have always done things differently from most other bands. In 1994 they purchased a 10,000 square-foot building in Brighton called the Metway. This has been their creative base ever since, not only providing their own offices, studio and base for their excellent Fanclub "On the Fiddle" but becoming a base for creative music in Brighton. Other bands such as Orbital and Super_Collider are based there,as well as other Producers, Managers and Promoters.

2 years ago the Levellers founded the Metway Sessions, giving a day's free studio time away every week to emerging Brighton and Sussex bands, to record radio sessions for Brighton's Juice FM. Over the last 2 years, Electrelane, Electric Soft Parade, British Sea Power and Clearlake have all recorded Metway Sessions, among other emerging bands in what has become the UK's most creative city. Despite being a musical generation older than these bands, the Levellers have become a strong part of this music community.

This year sees the release of the band's 7th Studio album ³Green Blade Rising². It is produced by Alan Scott who produced the platinum and number one albums, and is a return to the up-tempo optimism of the band's mid-period. Already songs like "Wild as Angels", "Pretty Target" and the first single "Come On" have become live favourites."

This was taken from the their green blade rising site......
They'll be here in Canada both in Febuary (acoustic) and April (full band)
I've only seen them accoustic and it was still one of the best shows I've ever that was even at Zaphod's
*orgasmic shivers*
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