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Beakman's Diner Playlist Sept 26th

So I haven't posted this for the last few many of you really listen in anyhoo??? Thought so.....bastards!

Beakman's Diner Psycho/Rocka/Surfabilly radio with your hosts Sick~Lee and Lia on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa or broadcast live all around this sonofabitchin' world in Real Audio at
Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time)

The Hangmen : Dancing On Your Grave
The Hangmen : Slither
The Hangmen : Catatonic Cutie

Nekromantix : Sea Of Red
Godless Wicked Creeps : She's Wicked
Spectres : Rubber Room Rock
Lonesome Kings : With A Little Luck

The Meteors : Insane
Krewmen : Arachnophobia
Batmobile : Sinner's Rock
Demented Are Go! : Pervy In The Park

Deadcats : Psychocat
Big John Bates : Dig Myself A Hole
Long Tall Texans : Alcohol
Peacocks : Shitlist
Barnyard Ballers : Happy Ignorant People

Tiger Army : Outlaw Heart

As always......requests, suggestions, questions, praise and derision is always long as it's accompanied by pie.....
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