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Playlist Oct 3rd - Our Year and 2 month anniversery!

Between dreams of biting Audrey's (Twin Peaks) bum, meeting gorgeous/intelligent/fun gals to date, and figuring out the physics of velveeta.....we played these things on a wonderful Thursday afternoon.....

Beakman's Diner Psycho/Rocka/Surfabilly radio with your hosts Sick~Lee and Lia on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa or broadcast live all around this sonofabitchin' world in Real Audio at
Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time)

Amazing Royal Crowns : King Of The Joint
Astrobillys : One Hand Loose

Meteors : The Crazed
Speed Crazy : Damaged Goods
Switchblade Hearts : Deadman's Hand
Lonesome Kings : You Don't Know Me Very Well
Gazoo Bill : Scream About

Louts : On My Own
Big Jeezus Truck : Someone Like Me
Vampire Beach Babes : Gothic Surf-a-rama
Vampire Beach Babes : Gothmobile
Deadbolt : Hobo Babylon
Ghoultown : Fistfull of Demons

Hillbilly Hellcats : Crazy Little Baby
Lota Red : Chainsaw
Lazyboys : Dungeon of Love

Carl Perkins : Matchbox

Then the next show didn't show so I played some bottletones while waiting....I think El Coolo and then threw on Tiger Army II ('bout the only thing the station has in the way of psycho) and left.....not one person gave me pie
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