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Beakman's Playlist Oct 17th

Get a whole lotta psycho in ya at......

listen to us damn it!

beakmans_diner Psycho/Rocka/Surfabilly radio with your hosts Sick~Lee and Lia on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa or broadcast live all around this sonofabitchin' world in Real Audio at
Thursdays @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time (NY Time)

The Louts : Blood On The Reins
Blazing Haley : V12 Ford

Deadbolt : Crime Scene
Ghoultown : Killer In Texas
Meteors : Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Meteors : Deep Dark Jungle
Nekromantix : Haunted Cathouse

Hangmen : Autopsy Blues
Lonesome Kings : Doomsday Man
Krewmen : Curse Of The Pharohs
Graveyard Shift : I Need You
Mad Sin : Scarred Ol Heart

Deadcats : Catusi
Huevos Rancheros : American Sunset

Tiger Army : Incorpreal

......better that than me don't you think?
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